Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It must be the hot weather....?

Fights have been breaking out in cat territory lately...

Ever since Bobby passed away, Bunny has been occasionally terrorising Tabs and Tiger. Poor Tabs has got it the worst because she is so scared of the big bully. Tiger, well, he is Gandhi and after living together for 6 years, he has more or less figured out a way to deal with Bunny's aggression - just close your eyes real tight and it will all go away sooner or later, never fight back, because "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind". Tabs has yet to learn this wisdom, so the poor girl has been getting the brunt of all the Bunny-attacks.  If we are around, of course, we will intervene and defend Tabs.

Here's one episode, caught in the act. It happened yesterday...

It was a very hot afternoon and the episode began in the condo where Tabs was just minding her own business, or rather, about to do her business when Bully-Bunny decided that would be an opportune moment to attack the poor girl. Bunny may look really innocent in this photo, but believe me, do not be deceived by his looks. He was already letting out his war-cries and was intimidating Tabs.

Tabs (as you can see in the photo) shirked back and I quickly intervened. I sprayed Bunny with garbage enzyme as that was the only way to get him out from the condo and he scuttled away to the Clubhouse.

Pretending as though nothing had happened.

 Why are you taking my photo? 

 Hey, I said "no photos"!!

As I turned to head back to the room, I heard another war-cry and Bunny had attacked poor Tiger!

 Yes, I was attacked but I'm okay. I just closed my eyes. 

 Meanwhile, poor Tabs took refuge behind the clothes line, hoping that the clothes might shield her from Bunny.

As though that's not enough, for the past few days, a new cat had appeared in the vicinity.

 This is "Bosco" (I just named him). He is Bunny-coloured and is a male. Five days ago, Bosco started coming right up to our porch and meowed loudly. I fed him, but it wasn't food that he wanted.

 He wanted to come inside the house, like he had some business with us.

My daughter noticed that Bosco sneezed out some yellowish mucus on Sunday and he also had some eye discharge, so I gave him Vetri DMG twice a day and he seemed to be alright now. No more sneezing, no eye discharge. But Bosco keeps coming into the house. He even comes right up to the grille of Bunny's place and insists on joining the rest. He would hang around the kitchen and the living room and sleep on the window ledge. He even went upstairs to our room and slept under our bed.

No, Bosco, this is not your house. You have to go home.

From his behaviour, he is probably someone's pet as he is very human-friendly.

I fed him, and he likes home-cooked food and not kibbles. Initially when he had the eye discharge, I thought he was sick and needed help and that is why he came. I was planning to take him to the vet's but a few days of Vetri DMG seemed to have done the trick and he seems fine now.

This morning Bosco came right up to the Clubhouse grille at breakfast time and everyone stopped eating and congregated outside the grille.

Of course Bunny let out his war-cries but Bosco was undeterred. He stood his ground and seemed adamant that he wanted to join everyone in Bunny's Place.

That would be asking for trouble, of course.

 So I led him away to the front of the house and gave him some home-cooked food.

But someone else was around...

 It was Mr G!

Mr G had come to defend his territory and the elder cat chased Bosco away.

This afternoon, Mr G came again for his lunch and as I was feeding him, Bosco came out from our flower bed. I hadn't noticed Bosco hiding there at all. But when Mr G saw him, a huge fight broke out and Mr G emerged victorious again.

Looks like Bosco would have to find another house to claim as his territory now.

But I think I have not seen the last of Bosco.

He'll be back...

And while the cats are all too busy fighting....

 A little guy thought he might benefit from "the spoils of the feline war".

 Yes, the coast is clear. Please help yourself.

Chomp, chomp...

 Well, as they say, "The meek shall inherit of earth"!

We also have a few frogs visiting every now and then, but that would be another story...

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claire said...

My cats will just look at the Shrew while it eats my kitty's food. After eating it will poop in the house >_<