Wednesday, October 31, 2012

And Cow sprays again....but we have strategies lined up

When I left for work this morning, Cow was outside in the pantry. I closed the wooden door and almost all of the window thinking he wouldn't come in (wishful thinking, I know). Only Cleo, Pole and Tiger were in the room. The rest were out for their morning siesta in the Clubhouse, including Cow. I left a litter box and a bowl of water for the room-people.

I didn't want to cage Cow because he had not sprayed all night. If I caged him again, I might be sending him a wrong message and he'd be confused, ie. "Why am I being punished for not spraying all night?"

But then again, we humans always underestimate cows, right? I mean, cats. Aren't they always two steps ahead of us, in all ways.

When I came home from work....

Cow was lying on my tshirt, on my table in an "aww..." pose.

You just don't have the heart to shoo him out.

(The human is falling for it...heh heh)

It's like he is saying, "I've missed you while you were away..."

(Meow Out Loud! Just how gullible are these humans!)

 The litter-box was untouched but he sprayed on the floor next to the litter-box.

 There were a few more spray spots, so I opened the door, and out he went.

 The heavyweights cannot do with just two meals a day. Bunny will call till the cows (!) come home.

 Cow was quite happy sleeping in the basket in the pantry all afternoon.

 Bunny went into the cage instead. Bunny is a VERY kiasu cat. For example, if you call any cat, Bunny will come. He just cannot lose out on anything. He would want to be patted first.

My husband wasn't keen on contractors coming in to do tiling. So we did the next best - paint the room.

 Meanwhile, this plastic storage box is a favourite spray object, so I decided to turn it into a little house, and of course, Bunny claimed it first.

 We painted the bottom half of all the walls. That's where the urine streaks are.

Good little Raven knew everyone was busy, so she stayed in her basket all afternoon.

Isn't she just so good?

 Okay, painting all done. That wasn't so hard.

 I bought this.

It's a small and compact little air filter (measuring 10cm by 10cm), supposed to cover an area of 645 sq feet. It uses the plasma technology and there is no need to replace anything. Power consumption is only 8 Watts.

I tested it in the room and later, in the pantry. I don't know if my nose is deceiving me, but I don't smell the paint smell anymore. But then again, please do remember that my nose isn't very reliable....

 I've decided we don't need to cage Cow. If he misbehaves, we'd just shoo him out to the pantry and close the door and window so that he cannot come in.

Cow - 1, Human - 0.

I'm happy here. Don't anybody disturb me, please. 

 Pole very graciously shares her condo with Bunny.

Or rather, does Pole even have a choice?

 Luckily no one has tried to wrestle Tab's special place on top of the condo.

Or rather, the wrestlers are too fat to jump up?

 I don't know how they broke this cengal table leg. We still have not figured out how to fix it yet.

Humans: The table is broken. It's no use until it's fixed.

Cats: What broken? 

Cow does his thing.


 The airnet is so compact, you can put it anywhere as long as there is a socket.

 Raven has been exceptionally well-behaved today.

 Oil treatment. I am amazed at the remarkable healing properties of Johnson's Baby Oil.

 Me pweety cat?

 Yes, you pweety cat.

 Making friends.

Raven LOVES to play. She'd be very happy in her new home because there is a 5 month old kitten there, and all the cats there are friendly.

 Didn't have my camera to take this regal shot.  Only my Nokia hp. Tsk!

Would have made a great portrait!


Connie said...

I wonder what Tab's dreaming about? She's really a happy-go-lucky cat (even when at sleeping time)!
& Raven, yes you're a pweety cat..thanks to Johnson's minyak!

Ngan said...

Most air purifier by Panasonic, Sharp and etc are good and reliable. Am using a Panasonic Air purifier, it works.

How about collecting their fur and sprinkle on various corners?

Liew Wy said...

Morning Dr Chan, I'm interested in the air purifier u photographed. Can I know what brand,how much n where u bought it? Tks

chankahyein said...

Hi Ms/Mr Liew, The brand is Dehne (German technology) and I got mine from House of Air Cleaners, 7A, 1st Floor, SS2/55, 47300 PJ. Tel: 03-78775034. Ask for the Airnet 2000 (Non-thermal plasma). It's selling for RM650. Hope this helps.

Liew Wy said...

Tks for the info

BlackieAsh said...

Bunny the kiasu cat...hahaha. No wonder it's Bunny's place :)

chankahyein said...

I may have turned the whole hierarchy around if I had called it Tiger's Place! Or, Tabs' Place!! If Tabs or Tiger ruled, there would be peace on earth and goodwill to all catkind. And no spraying?

Agnes said...

I notice one section of your cat-fence is sagging. You can secure it by weaving a thin wire across it and tying the 2 ends of the wire round the 2 poles beside it.