Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friday news

Raven has been very well-behaved so far. She has settled in and seems to like her cage.

 Cage = Home

 We placed the feather toy in front of the door and Raven thought it was some kind of animal. She had a fun time "tricking" the animal into letting her out of the cage.

Yay!! I got out! 

It was Monge dinner for everyone, including Raven.

 I gave her only the chicken because her stools were a little soft today.

 Today, Cleo and Cow did not want to eat Monge. I don't know what the two fuss-pots want. Maybe they are not hungry as Bunny made a tea-time call for food and everyone had kibbles.

 Raven licked the platter clean. So clean, you don't have to wash it.

 A second helping since our girl is growing and hungry.

 And what about me?

 Well, okay, but there is no more Monge so you two have to settle for kibbles.

 Raven watches the two big cats eat.

 Oh no, it's a toad!

 Tiger was curious, so I had to chase the toad away.

 Everyone watched as the little amphibian hopped away.

 Hmmm....can we be friends?

 Oh no, the toad came back!

 Go away, little's not safe here.

 Me not interested in toads.

Me interested in clothes.

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