Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mr G is friends with Ginger...ONLY

I don't know if Ginger is also from Mr G's house, but Mr G seems to be very good friends with her.

 They share a pillar, they even share the same food bowl.

 Mr G will not let other cats in...except Ginger.

 They eat together every day.

But I suspect Ginger is pregnant. I wonder whose cat she is.

 But Mr G comes into the house and this creates a problem for...

...my clan.

And, Mr G has also been fighting with Bosco every night....sigh.

 So, Bosco can only come quietly for food during the times when Mr G isn't around.

 Eat, Bosco, eat! Don't worry, we will protect you.

But Bosco is aggressive too - he would come right into the house and go upstairs. This creates a hue and cry over in Bunny's Place and Cow reacts by spraying all over the place. Poor me...

On the other hand, Rosie is extremely well-mannered. She waits outside the gate until she gets invited in.

 Come, Rosie.

 If only every cat were as polite as Rosie...

 Rosie is a spayed community cat (ear-notched). She gets breakfast at the pavilion every morning (from the feeder, Francis) and at other times, she gets a meal or two in my garden. 

You see how much easier it is to cope when community cats have been neutered? You'll only have to feed them. They will take care of themselves in the other aspects. And anyway, in feline politics, we have no say!

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