Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mr G returns...with a vengeance?

I had not seen Mr G for quite awhile ever since Bosco and Raven "took over" our front porch as their territory. But every night, I would hear a huge cat-fight outside on the porch. I am quite sure it would be between Mr G and Bosco. Oh well, we can't blame the old man. After all, our garden had been his territory for the last 10 months and even before we moved in.

Wait a minute, does that mean we invaded Mr G's territory and he is actually the rightful owner of our land? Egad...I suppose there is a point in that? The title deed that we hold means nothing if possession is nine-tenths of the law...

Anyway, let's get on with our story about Mr G.

So, as I was saying, we have not seen Mr G for quite awhile in our garden...

But every evening, he makes his catwalk on the ledge and stops by to look into Bunny's Place.

This evening, I went out to feed the outside clan, and who did I see?

 Why, hello there, Mr G! How nice of you to visit....

But I noticed Bosco was completely out of sight. Totally.

Poor Bosco...he must be so frightened of Mr G.

But the rest were all okay with Mr G...

 And for once, Rosie found her way into the porch.

 Everyone had dinner...except Bosco. Poor Bosco...where is he?

 I looked everywhere. There was no sign of Bosco at all.

 Today's first round was home-cooked but I had not apportioned for Mr G, so it was a case of more men, less share.

Ginger finished his and went for Raven's.

No, Ginger, no...that's Raven's food.

I had a tough time stopping Ginger from getting to Raven's food, so...

Raven had to eat under the car.

 And I had to shoo Ginger to the pillar.

 Mr G was also after Raven's home-cooked food.

 I want.

 I want more food.

Mr G, oh Mr G...actually just how old are you? Excuse me for saying so, but for a 5 year-old (that's what his owner said), you look so weather-beaten.

 I had to watch Raven until she finished her food.

 Rosie waited politely and after Raven moved away, Rosie polished up the bowl.

After everyone had finished eaten, I waited...but Bosco did not return.

Until an hour later...

 Yay! Bosco's back!

(And Mr G is gone.)

 Ginger thought he should accompany Bosco for another round of food.

Ginger! You've already been mistaken to be a pregnant female. You wouldn't want to live with that label, do you?

 Good old Bosco...where were you earlier?

You know how it is when you look after community cats? The moment they are not around, you can't help worrying if something had happened to them.

Raven is Bosco's loyal sidekick. She goes everywhere with Bosco. When Bosco runs, Raven runs. But it seems like Raven is getting braver now and has a mind of her own. Otherwise, for the past few days, it has been so cute to watch the two of them. Raven follows Bosco like his shadow. 

I fed Bosco and quickly went back to my brood...

 Okay, all is well.

Where were you? We've been waiting for you... 

 Cow is yawning...

We've put a new box on top of the washing machine and Tiger has taken possession of it.

And where is Tabs?

 I'm here!


Connie said...

Mr G looks real angry. Whatever happens to him, I wonder?
Tabs as always, is the cuties.....Hi cutie!

claire said...

life is never boring with cats =D

nandhini said...

Hallo Mr G... I would not mess with you:P

Hani said...

somehow Mr G looks more British than Malaysian..hahah.. sorry..I didn't mean any harm.. just that his face soo pinkish like he can't stand the weather

Amy said...

mr G looks like he needs a bath?? tabs is so cute as always..