Sunday, September 30, 2012

We LOVE Monge....!!

Today, at the Cutie Pet Fair, Canine Caviar introduced their new range of canned food for cats. The brand is Monge and it retails at RM3.80 per 80 g can. For this weekend's fair, it's buy 5, get 1 free.

Of course I had to try it for my cats and Andy Lew was very kind to give me some samples.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

 Everyone was VERY excited when they saw the new food.

 Oh yippee! Mum bought us new food!

The gang could barely wait. Everyone marched out to the pantry.

 This is what it looks like. It doesn't contain any jelly. Only broth.

Yummy looking?

You bet...!

 We're waiting patiently....please hurry up! And don't keep taking photos, please, WE ARE HUNGRY. You've left us since morning. WE ARE VERY H-U-N-G-R-Y!! 

 Tiger, Pole and Tabs could not wait any longer and helped themselves to the new food even as I was scooping it out.

 It smells REAL good.

 Four feline testimonies.

 Another three more.

100% unanimous votes. The contract is sealed.

After Round One...

 More, please?

 You know I need more, right? 


 Yums, this is really, really nice. I don't think I need kibbles if I can have this....

 Tabs asking for her 3rd helping.

 Cleo finishing her 2nd helping. Cleo seldom asks for an extra helping because she's...well, the weight-conscious type.

 And Pole also threw caution to the wind and whacked up whatever left-overs she got her hands on.

The 7 happy felines polished up 5 cans...and asked for more.

I stopped at 5 cans. But yes, I'm definitely buying some more tomorrow.


NELL said...

my Dino loves it too.. i bought 2 fish flavours at the fair this morning and my boy just could not get enough of it.. i later found him rummaging through the rubbish bin he toppled over to salvage the empty can..
i've tried various brands and i must say that i like the chunky meatiness of Monge's content..

Nicole said...

My home cats are eating these but they are lukewarm about them. However my community cats simply love them. Remember to read the label carefully though because they do carry the jelly version too (at least in Singapore), although I would think in comparatively lesser quantity than some other brands.

Bern said...

WOW...would love to try em as well. Wonder if they are available here. I do miss my 3 kids soooo much.

irene said...

Hi Dr.

will u pls tell me where can i get Monge? my boys are on natural balance (pouch) chicken & chicken liver only but its really hard to get them..the supplier said they have to wait months for the stock to arrive and no other pet shop carry this brand which is really bad for me as the cats refuse to eat anything else! i'm very hopeful that i can have alternatives when the NB stocks are not in..thank you :)

chankahyein said...

Hi Irene, As far as I know, in Subang Jaya, Subang Pet Products (03-56339585) in SS18/6 and Mayo Clinic in USJ Taipan sells it. I'm sure other petstores sell it too.