Friday, October 26, 2012

Some inside clan stories

It had been raining very heavily for the past few days. The inside clan have found ways to snuggle up to keep warm.

This was so incredibly cute, I'm glad I managed to take a photo.
(It's COW and Tiger)

My 7 cats are SO alpha, you'd almost never see them cuddle up together. Everyone wants his and her own space, and I'm talking about S-P-A-C-E here.

Cleo has been vomiting her food quite a bit and it's hairball. I can see the hair in her vomit. Well, this girl is difficult to handle as she is the classic touch-me-not even after 6 years and she was born in our house! She doesn't like to be furminated and we cannot (force)feed her anything at all.

 But hairball calls for Laxatone and by hook or by crook, I had to do it...and get scratched in the process. Small-sized she may be, but believe me, she is SO strong.

 Trying to lick off the Laxatone.

I managed to smear some on her teeth, but of course she swings her head so powerfully, much of it gets stuck on the wall. This calls for patience and persistence...

 Pole was sneezing yesterday (probably due to the cold weather). This calls for Vetri DMG (I use this product very often as it's proven to be very effective) but to feed Pole anything is probably harder than going to the moon and coming back. Vetri is tasteless, I'm told, but Pole would know if it's been put into her food. She'd rather starve than eat that dratted supplement. No wonder Pole could survive in the community for 5 years before we moved here. If push comes to shove, we'd have to put her into the carrier and maybe drive her around in the car, then syringe in the Vetri DMG.

 Now, our little girl has been very well-behaved. She was allowed out to the living room all afternoon and by night-time, we caged her again. Since it was so cold, I added a towel and also covered the cage with towels.

 I bought this for her mange treatment.

But I noticed that what works best so far is actually Johnson's Baby Oil (thanks, Joy!). Still, there is no harm in trying virgin coconut oil since it is lauded for its remarkable healing properties. And it's also edible. This product is NOT tested on animals.


 You know, since the day Bosco left, Raven had taken over being my bodyguard.

This morning, she came out from the cage to "sayang" me before going for her food. Isn't she adorable?

 She is the only one who enjoys and appreciates my home-cooked food.

 She's definitely litter-box trained now. It only took a few minutes of caging to do it.

I'm using World's Best Cat Litter now. I find the odour control amazingly superb. There is also less tracking and it doesn't "dust up". Very long lasting too.

 That's Tabs watching the goings-on in the patio.

 Raven knows she is allowed into the living room and on the chairs.

 We want to be friends, please?

All in good time. All in good time.


Maggie Hui said...

Hi Dr. Chan, a very good morning to you. Since Raven is still a kitty, how about letting her wear clothes during the cold season?
I do clothe my Sugar whenever we on the air cond at night. Daiso do offer some clothes at affordable price of RM5/- per piece.

chankahyein said...

Thanks, Maggie. I'll certainly consider it.

bern said...

I put on sweaters for my 2 short haired kids here as well. Also got them a heated pet bed. It's cold here even for us...bbbrrrr :-)

Joy E. Saga said...

And I still can't find the mouse ! (secret joke) ... getting my hubby to get some and this time, will definitely keep it before it vanishes into thin air again.

I am looking forward to see the beautiful raven, all slick and glossy and furry once more :-)

chankahyein said...'s ok. Raven has the caterpillar toy. Thanks for being so thoughtful.