Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WHERE do all these cats come from??

First, it was Mr G. Then, came Rosie, Ginger and Snow White. Next, it was Bosco and tonight, we have another visitor...

A small one too.

I was out at Bunny's Clubhouse talking to my friend about fostering a dog when Bunny went to the sidegate and meowed in a strange way. It was definitely meowing at an animal and I craned my neck to see what it was. I couldn't see a thing, yet I kept hearing a youngish sounding meow.

Who is making that noise?

Is it Bunny?

I thought it was a shrew and Bunny was meowing at it, but soon, the little creature appear and....

It was a jet black kitten!

How on earth did a small kitten get to my sidegate?

It was so small, it could probably squeeze through the bars of my sidegate.

I quickly went out and brought some kitten food for it.

 The little black kitten ate hungrily...

 It is still very young, probably about 3-4 months (I'm not very good at estimating age).

 It's got mange or some skin problem in patches on its head, ears and certainly parts of the body. Some hair loss too.

 But it is very friendly.

 There's Bunny looking from the sidegate.


Soon, Ginger came and wanted the food.

 They shared.

Then, Bosco came and all three shared the food.

And Bosco came into the house again...

 WHO goes there??

 My clan isn't happy at all...

WHERE are all these cats coming from???

And why the sudden migration to our house?


claire said...

hahah I think the cats in your area have spread the word that you offer free food =p

chankahyein said...

Actually our neighbourhood cat-feeder gives packetted free catfood every morning at the pavilion in the playground. So, Blackie can get a good breakfast there. Rosie eats there too.

claire said...

I suppose they feel safe at your place, good vibes and all that =D

chankahyein said...

Hi Claire, It's more of wanting to "apply for membership" to Bunny's Place - these cats want to come IN. Yet, the irony is, my cats want to go OUT!

Dawn Tan said...

I love this article! Cos we wondering the same thing too! I understood when they used to come one by one to fill up the gap as we neutered and rehomed.
But it's nice that yours come for a dinner gathering. Ours formed a dinner schedule so they don't bump into each other :p