Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bunny's issues with "the world"

I don't know whether it's Bobby's passing or the presence of the foursome outside cats (Mr G, Bosco, Rosie and Ginger), but ever since Bobby passed on, Bunny has been having "issues" with the rest of the world.

To my untrained eye and mind, it looks as though Bunny wants to boss everyone else and well...become the new BOSS. Bobby was the old boss, but he was an all-compassionate boss. Now, it looks like Bunny wants to reign...with terror!

Bunny has been terrorising little Tabs, Tiger, Indy and even Pole. Somehow, nobody dares to touch Cleo. Remember Cleo is the only non-stray in the house. She was born in Ming-Yi's wardrobe. I suppose that gives her an edge, and don't forget, she's Calico. Calicos have an attitude, don't they?

Two days ago, a very comical incident happened in the room. My son wanted to furminate Indy (as the Indy was lying in a very furminable position on the floor). So I passed him the Furminator and my son started to comb Indy's fur. Bunny the Terror was SLEEPING in his basket, hidden by the favourite chair. Somehow, he knew what was happening. In a flash, Bunny got up from his basket, stomped down the side table and rushed over. Indy felt so intimidated, he ran out of the room. Then, Bunny SAT himself down on the same spot, rolled over and ASKED for a furmination. I didn't manage to catch anything on camera as it happened too fast!

Now, is that terrorist behaviour or what, right?

 I'm the BOSS now.

Sometimes he demands for a trip out of the room. We give in. He just wants to show everyone else that he gets his "leader privileges". (We give in simply because if we don't, he will (1) Meow non-stop (2) Choose a target (usually it's Tabs) and attack.)

MY rattan trunk. 

 When Mr G comes into the house, Bunny will come right to the grille and he would be the first to mount the defensive. Tabs and Tiger are his loyal soldiers.

 I caught this on camera - an attack on Pole.

But Pole gets away scot-free. She's very wise and gets top marks for feline agility.

Right after an attack on Tiger.
Or rather, an attempted attack which normally does not materialise because there is no "kick". Tiger doesn't react! He just closes his eyes.

 We've been giving him a lot of attention, and anyway, we have to. He DEMANDS for it.

If someone comes into the room and pats another cat first, Bunny will chase and attack that cat. Then, he comes over to the person, and asks to be patted.


Bunny must be the first to be furminated every day.

 Yes, we know. You two are the new bosses. We know and we comply.


Yen Ling said...

Hello Dr. Chan,

I'm a lecturer by day and by night+weekends+midnight shift+other ungodly hours, a dog servant. Some how, our pets become THE priority in everything and yes, we will apologize and give in. Case #1 - even if is 4.30am and Jack wants to go to the garden to munch on grass. I'll bring him to the garden and sit on the stool hugging myself from the cold and wait for Regal Jack to finish munching his grass or pee or just sniffing around or lick the morning dew.

Pets, they are THE BOSS.

Joy E. Saga said...

I recently rescued a kitten and am also fostering kittens.
My brood has also been on the edge and fights will erupt and Yasmin has been pooing / peeing out of the tray (pee in the sink, poo on the carpet ... sigh)

But i guess we need to take them all in good stride, one day at a time.

Bunny, be a good boy ok. Yes, we salute you as boss :-)

Amy said...

wah that last picture look like big boss in a gangster movie.. LOL.. two big boss and yes godfather the movie comes in mind.. LOL