Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The morning of Day 4 and hopefully, Miracle No.2

I got up at 4.27am today. Unlike yesterday, I did not wake up with a bad feeling. I hope that is good.

My brood was waiting for me and never mind what time it is, when I come downstairs, it's Breakfast Time to them and they cannot wait! At such times, knowing that those under your care have a good appetite is such a blessing, isn't it? It means they are not sick. We must rejoice in such things and never take it for granted.

Today is Monge Breakfast Day, so they had a feast. Now, I'm trying to limit it to 5 cans for 7 cat-people.  I think it should be enough because Cleo is still a small-eater. Pole loves Monge, so when it comes to Monge, she throws caution to the wind. "Jaga badan" can take a back seat.

As they were eating their last helping, I went out to feed Raven.

 This is Raven's favourite spot now - on top of the piano.


This toy lion has accompanied many a-kitten, the first being Tiger.

The ravenous appetite is still there (blessing No.1) and Raven does not seem to have developed any fever after the vaccination (blessing No.2). She is also well after the deworming (blessing No.3). My vet used to tell me that if an animal has underlying problems, something as "safe" as vaccination and deworming can cause death. Yet, the benefits outweigh the risks. But the fact that the risks are still there, we would still be wary.

To win over Raven's trust, I had to stop the oil treatment on her mange. She absolutely hates it, and have been running away from me. But with Bosco suddenly falling ill and the danger of lurking toads outside, I had to gain Raven's trust because I needed to be able to catch her and bring her inside.

Raven is like a little puppy. Since she doesn't know how to use the litter box, I have to let her out to urinate and defecate. And the thing about her is that I have not seen her doing it inside the house. She would hold everything until I let her out (which may not be so good when I'm gone for long periods). I'll have to figure out how to go about this later on the days when I am not in the house for many hours at a stretch.

 Wait, check for toads first...

Okay, all clear. We're toad-free.

We brought this bench out for Bosco and Raven on the morning of the day Bosco got sick. Bosco, you're going to come back home and sit on this bench with Raven, and we will watch the world (and little toads) go by every morning and evening.


Raven's mange condition has improved, but I am told jabs might have worked faster. However, there is also a possibility that jabs carry the risk of sudden death, so I thought I'd better go for something slower and steadier. After all, mange is not life-threatening, the vet said.

Can you see me?  Call me Secret Agent Shadow-Girl.

 Shh...Shadow-Girl wants to make a pee...

 Hello there...why, it's Rosie!

Good morning Rosie, do have an early-morning pre-breakfast, please (I placed a small bowl of food outside).
I know she would be having breakfast at  the pavilion later, so this is just a courtesy snack.

On the far right pillar, Ginger was there. Okay, it's nice to know the siblings are not angry with us for trying to catch them yesterday.

I'm so relieved the senior vet doesn't think Bosco has parvovirus. I was also doubtful that it would be, but it pays to be careful. In any case, Raven needed to be vaccinated as she is still so young.

Raven's second round. I want them to get used to kibble and wetfood so that they won't be so choosy.

 These fellas are a bit spoilt by now. They dictate what they want!

I shall be going to visit Bosco after work today. Please pray that Miracle No.2 happened and also, please pray that I don't get lost on the road...again! Thank you, everyone.

P.S. I have two GPS devices. But both don't get me where I want to go. Sobs...call it some sort of directional-jinx. The worst was when I needed to go to Bandar Utama and it kept asking me to head towards Klang! No kidding, I keyed in everything correctly. I'm jinxed.


Bern said...

Thought about training Raven to use the litter pan? If the pan is in the hall and you don't want the sand to be tracked everywhere, can try to use some litter beads instead as they don't track. Bring her poop and put it in the pan and bring her to it. Then take her hand and do pretend scratch on the bead/sand.

chankahyein said...

Ok! That sounds doable. Thank you!