Monday, October 22, 2012

Before the break of dawn...

I got up at 4am this morning with very mixed feelings. I was worried and anxious...did the miracle happen last night, is Bosco okay?

I know I will not get any answers until the clinic opens today and though my mind tells me I should not worry because worry is a negative emotion (which generates negative vibes), my heart couldn't help it.

So I got up and went downstairs. Raven was sleeping on the TV rack. She seems to prefer sleeping on a wooden surface to the little basket we had made for her.

My brood of 7 feline-children were waiting at the grille. Never mind what time it is, the signal is "when I come downstairs after the night, it's breakfast time!".

So I fed them. Today is Monge Breakfast Day and they had a feast.

Then, it was Raven's turn. I was worried because Raven hadn't used the litter box, which means she had not urinated or defecated since yesterday evening. So I fed her outside on the porch.

Raven can be a contender to Bunny when it comes to eating. She has a ravenous appetite.

 Bosco's bowl...get well soon, Bosco, and you'll be back home in no time.

Raven urinated and defecated in the garden, so that was a relief.

I would have to figure out where Bosco and Raven are going to stay for good. We've wire-netted the front gate now, but it isn't foolproof, and cats can jump.  One thing at a time. Maybe, as Cathy suggested, a three-tiered cage may be a good option, at least when I'm not able to look out for them (at work and at night). At other times, they can play in the garden under supervision.

Maybe eventually they can join my brood in Bunny's Place, but there are two issues to consider: (1) How long should they be under quarantine? (2) The territorial issue and my two super-alphas, Cow & Bunny. Having said that, practically every single one of my cats is an alpha. Look at how they never sit close to one another? They are so territorial and they want their space. Even Tabs, after one year, is still being bullied at times.  And Indy gets cranky once in a while and bullies the rest too. Tabs is actually also very alpha, but not in the territorial or bullying sense. She is super-confident-alpha.

One thing at a time....tackle the immediate issues first.

I let Raven back into the house after some playtime in the garden.

Raven had probably gone in to play in the basket, but she doesn't seem to like sleeping in it.

 She thinks the litter box is a boat for her to play in. I didn't put sand-litter in it because it's in the living room.

An decorative ornament on top of the piano?

 She wanted to play with this pewter turtle.

 Thank goodness I have them all around me.

It's still a few hours more before the clinic opens...

Please...let the miracle happen.


cindy said...

It is 1 am here. I am checking this site before going to bed. I am also praying for the miracle. I hope we win

chankahyein said...

Thank you, Cindy. I appreciate your thoughtfulness very much.

melle said...

May Bosco overcome whatever is ailing him. *sending waves of light and love to Bosco kitty*