Thursday, October 18, 2012

As the day ends...


Ah, as the day ends now, I dearly hope all our animals are safe and sound.

We would all do well to always keep our animals safe from the possible dangers lurking out there.

As my post said (and very clearly too), it was just a tip-off and I was not sure whether it was reliable or not, but it pays to be on the alert.

A few days ago, a friend's dog was captured. He was devastated. If only someone had alerted him about a possible doghunt, he could have kept his dog inside his house.

All the same, thank you very much for all your comments and as always, I hope we all learn something useful from them.

Working hours have ended now so I shall un-stick the post from the top and let's move on.

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Devakie said...

To me, it was just a word of caution to all pet owners to be careful so that they dont let their animals wander off. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I would just take that as a tsunami warning. Now, whether it takes place or not, we are prepared. If it had taken place, well we have already taken the necessary precautions to be safe. On the other hand, if it did not take place we thank god for saving us from the disaster. In both such cases, there is no time for people to verify and confirm the warning and i dont think pet owners were ever affected by the said tip off. Dont understand why all these commotion