Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bosco's sudden high fever

Bosco did not eat this morning and I sensed something was wrong because he almost never refused food. At around noon, I noticed he was sitting under the hot sun and salivating.

I quickly brought him to the vet's.

The vet took his temperature and it was 41.5 degrees, which is in the danger zone. Bosco had to be put on drips to bring the temperature down. And since he was salivating, he may have ingested something toxic and the drips would be needed to address this too. Another possibility would be heat stroke since he was sitting in the sun, but this is usually not likely for a short-haired cat. Also, the fact that he had not eaten in the morning indicates that it may be also an acute infection.

 Catheter inserted and drips on. This was followed by an alcohol rub to bring the temperature down.

 Poor little Bosco.

But he still looked "okay" in that he wasn't pale and he was still very alert.

The vet said we'd take the temperature again after 20 minutes or so. It went down to 39.6 degrees and I was so relieved. However, further monitoring would be required because the vet did not simply want to start Bosco on any drug.

 Let the temperature come down, please.

We monitored his temperature.

While I waited with him, Bosco finally settled down and slept.

I stayed with him until almost closing time. But the temperature went back up to 40 degrees, so the vet decided to start him on Baytril (injection) to address the fever. We still would not know the cause of his sudden fever. It could be mycoplasmosis, ingestion of something toxic or even FIP. That is worrying. Bloodwork was recommended, so blood was taken before the Baytril injection was administered. Tomorrow, he will be be given the Doxy jab. Two antibiotics are needed. The blood results will be known tomorrow afternoon (I hope the lab works on Sundays).

 Bosco didn't eat the kibbles or the AD by himself so he had to be force-fed small amounts.

Bosco has to stay overnight because he still needs the drips. Tomorrow the clinic will be closed, but the vet will come in twice to attend to all the animals.

Before I left for home, I told Bosco to stay strong and get well soon. It's always heart-breaking when you have to leave your pets or the animals under your care at the clinic. They wouldn't understand why and you can't explain it to them.

I don't know why Bosco fell ill suddenly. He was perfectly fine last night and was still eating. As the vet said, it could be a sudden acute infection or he may have ingested something toxic.

I went home with an empty carrier and my brood was waiting.

 How is Bosco? How is Bosco? We're all so worried...

 It looked as though everyone was waiting for news.

 Poor little Raven will be alone tonight.

She is Bosco's "sidekick" and does everything that he does. She has also grown very attached to Bosco.

 I'll have to keep Raven company tonight.

I hope Bosco will recover soon.

Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you.


Hazwani said...

Stay strong and get well soon Bosco!
Lots of LOve from Ais, Oyem, Romeo, Bella, Don, Leo, Ben, Lily and Nyet from Kuantan ;)

chankahyein said...

Thank you very much, Hazwani and feline-friends.

Connie said...

Get well soon Bosco, you will be in our prayers.
Yours truly,
Uncle Pluto, Auntie Princess, Aunty Missy, Lady, Angel, Austin, Lulu, Ben, Potato, Wendy & Ronaldo

chankahyein said...

Many thanks, Connie and canine-friends!

Evelin said...

I really hope Bosco will recover soon.

chankahyein said...

Thank you, Evelin.

Yen Ling said...

Get well soon, Bosco! Stay strong!