Sunday, October 28, 2012

Raven's yellow tshirt

This morning was particularly cold.

 Last night, my husband and children went shopping and brought this back for Raven.

 So since this morning was really cold at 5.45am, I put it on for our feisty little girl.

As always, she'd sit on my lap first thing in the morning before going for her food.

 But our girl is also a bit of an escape artist, so by the time she walked into the cage, she had made the little tshirt off-shoulder.

 Off shoulder is in fashion, didn't you know that?

 Off-tshirt also?

Our girl obviously wasn't feeling cold.

 Play time!

 Time for an eye test again...Spot Raven!

 I'm here!!

Spot Raven again!!

No Raven? Only Bunny?

 Mr G came for breakfast and went INTO Raven's cage AND sat inside her basket!
Missed that shot.  It was super cute!

 Time for oil treatment.

 It's healing really well.

But I still think Johnson's Baby Oil is more effective.

Next: Aunty Joy visits!

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