Friday, October 12, 2012

News from the inside clan

While outside everything seems to be quite has not been so inside.

The bosses, Bunny and Cow, get all worked up when they hear me outside with the outside clan. Sigh...maybe as my husband says, to be fair, I have to feed the outside clan outside the gate. The trouble with Bosco is that he keeps coming INTO the house and lounging everywhere, including our sofa. So, who can blame the inside clan for getting upset, right? After all, first and foremost, isn't this their house? They are already confined but a newcomer gets to enjoy the sofa??

Rosie and Ginger are fine. They do not overstep their boundaries. But Bosco and Raven...?

I understand the inside unhappiness and would have to do something about it.

This morning, we witnessed Bunny intimidating Tiger and how Tiger handled the situation Gandhi-styled.

Everyone had just finished breakfast and Tiger had gone to lounge near the Clubhouse.

Bunny was last to finish (he was eating up left-overs), so as he walked towards the Clubhouse, Tiger was in his way.

"Move over", said Bunny, "The BOSS wants to pass."

Tiger refused to budge.

Bunny started his intimidation.

There was no reaction from Tiger. He stood his ground, or rather, he "sat" his ground.

After a few minutes, Bunny walked around Tiger (which clearly marks his defeat).

 Tiger Wisdom of the Day: Do not react and there will be no stress.

They broke the cengal table; one leg is broken, so we are drying it before nailing it back.

How can cats break a cengal table??

 The fallen hero...shh.

Later in the afternoon, Indy went cranky...

He decided to intimidate Cow.

 Ahh....see? This is Tiger Wisdom in action: DO NOT REACT.

 ...and there will be no stress.

It works!!

 If only we humans understood and practised this wisdom, there will really be peace on earth and goodwill to mankind.

 We made a little Tropicana Clubhouse for Tabs. That's an uprooted pandan plant. I wanted to fragrance the room with the leaves by tying them in knots but I found out that pandan may be toxic to cats.

Happiness is having one's own Tropicana Clubhouse.

 Happiness is also having a Monge dinner!

A Monge dinner only takes 5 minutes tops.  The bowls are all licked clean!

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