Sunday, October 14, 2012

On a clear day, you can see forever

I love Barbra Streisand and her songs. This afternoon, as I sat on the sofa looking out, her song, "On a clear day, you can see forever" came to mind...
On a clear day, rise and look around you
And you'll see who you are

On a clear day, how it will astound you
That a glow of your being, outshines every star

You'll feel part of
Ev'ry mountain, sea, and shore
You can hear from far and near
A world you've never heard before

And on a clear day, on that clear day
You can see forever and ever and ever and evermore

 I am very thankful that on quiet afternoons, we can hear the sound of happy birds chirping in the sky. It is very calming and soothing for the heart and mind.

 The birds will be flying pass very cheerfully, occasionally settling on the cables for a rest.

I am thankful we still have trees!

 Today, someone else is bird-watching with me. That's Bosco on the slab. He is intrigued by the birds too.

 Oh wow...wish I could fly like them too...

 Suddenly something else caught Bosco's attention.

 Oh hi there, Mr Shrew.

 Bosco and Raven do not chase the garden shrews.



 The brave and determined little shrew made it to the food bowls.

Ah...the simple joys of watching nature.

But my inside clan is calling me, so I had better get back to them...

 And spend some time with them before a massive protest is launched.

 It's quite cool today, so towels would be nice.

 My inside clan does not get to enjoy what Bosco and Raven can.

Oh well, that is a compromise we've decided for them - Safety vs Total Freedom. But at least they have green grass and sunshine outside at the Clubhouse, so it isn't so bad (I hope).


Peggy Quah said...

Shrew? Isnt it a squrrel?

chankahyein said...

It's a tree shrew (from the Tupaiidea family), not a squirrel.

mao said...

nice grass and outdoor, no wonder your place can attract so many kinds of animals. Sounds like disney fairy tales cartoons

Amy said...

i just love that look on Tab's face and Indy... so cute...