Sunday, October 28, 2012

Aunty Joy visits (from Tabs' Diaries)

 Aunty Joy paid us a visit today. She's really nice!
Look, she even knows how to greet us cats. 

 She must be super nice 'coz even Cow lets her touch him.

Aunty Joy volunteers at the Ipoh SPCA. Even though she has moved down here now, she still goes back to Ipoh to help the cats there. 

Then Aunty Joy did the oil treatment for Raven. 

And she brought little toy mice for us to play...Yay! 

 Of course Raven got to play first while we waited inside the room.

 I think Raven thinks she is a little panther in a jungle.

 Soon, we also got to play with the mice.

I have my very own toy mouse too, but I think it's stuck under the shelf now... :(

Later, Aunty Joy even furminated, I'm so lucky!
She said she'd give me a centre you think I'd look nice with that? 

Thank you for visiting us, Aunty Joy!


FF said...

the first pic worth thousand words !!

Linda Suhaili said...

She is also known as the supplier of the "happies" for the Ipoh SPCA cats! Even the most feral of strays melts in her hands :))

Joy E. Saga said...

Will see you soon Tabs! and will bring the "happies" with me next time round :)