Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thank you, Aunty Reena (from Cleo's Diaries)

Reena read that my brood likes the Halo's Liv a Littles and offered to help me purchase when her mum went to the U.S. The food arrived today, as a gift from Reena for my brood.

Thank you so much, Reena.

 It's Cleo's EVER favourite treat!

 Sniff, sniff...(she didn't have to sniff, she recognised the bottle!)

 Please may I have some? 

 It really IS my favourite treat!!

 I'll sit like a dog and be real good. Maybe I can get some?

 That's after eating Round One. No time for bowls. Just eat off the floor.

 Everybody had a treat after that.

Thank you, Aunty Reena!!

Love, Cleo.

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