Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So early?

After a much needed one-week break from classes, the semester resumes again this week and my mornings begin before sunrise.

Of course, as always, all 7 of my cats will be waiting at the grille and they wait with eager anticipation of what food I'd be bringing in for breakfast.

Oh...home-cooked today?

Well, okay....We'll humour you and well, eat a bit of it....

Only Bunny, Pole and Cleo eats home-cooked. The rest might humour me a bit, but Indy definitely does NOT like home-cooked anymore nowadays. Isn't it ironical? It was because of saving Indy's life last year that I switched him and everyone else to wetfood and home-cooked and at that time, he ate.

Now, he's decided he doesn't need home-cooked food anymore.

Dr Susanna, although she is a very strong advocate of home-cooked meals, says to let the animal choose. The animal will usually know what's best for itself. And this includes kibble food too.

This season, Indy has been asking for kibble food, and I've tried several brands. The only brand that does not make him limp is Feline Caviar. Ironically, the brood also likes Bobby's left-over Canine Caviar Special Needs Dinner! I was going to donate Bobby's left-over kibbles to the shelter, but since the brood likes it, I'll mix it with their food and let them eat it up.

So yes, my cats likes dog-kibble (but only Canine Caviar Special Needs) while I often hear that dogs love cat-kibble (because it's more palatable)!

Anyway, it was still early when I opened the front door to go out to feed Bosco and Raven.

Raven scuttled out from under the car but Bosco was no where to be seen.

After a few minutes, there he was....

 It's home-cooked for them too.

Raven seems to love it, but Bosco prefers kibble as well, and they don't like Hill's, they want SmartHeart. I am hoping the home-cooked food will help Raven recover faster from the mange. Good nutrition does help.

 It's still very early and Rosie and Ginger are not here yet.

I have to get to work soon, so have a good day now.


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