Friday, October 26, 2012

How good is your eyesight? (Do the Raven Test)

This is an eye test.

Can you find Raven in the following three photos?

 A. If you can see Raven in this photo, you have superb eyesight.

B. If you can only see Raven in this photo,'re still "okay".

 C. If you still cannot find Raven in this definitely need to visit the optician!

 I'm here!!  And I just had an oil treatment. My codename is "Minyak" today.


alin said...

Hahahah..i found her at 2nd pic..below your astro decoder..

Donovan said...

She's such a cutie

Connie said...

Gosh! She's so black! I think I need to visit to the Optician.