Friday, October 19, 2012

Bosco, Raven and Rosie...come in!

Last night there was a very, very heavy thunderstorm in Subang Jaya and Bosco and Raven were missing from the porch!  I was so worried about them and we went out to check many times, but both of them were not in the porch.

I was so worried, I stayed up until past midnight, after the rain and was so relieved that they finally came back...totally dry without a drop of water on their coats!

Now where did they go during the rain?  I was even worried that Raven, being so small, might have been washed away in some drain.

Maybe, being street cats, they have a "rain shelter" somewhere? Ginger and Rosie must have taken them to their regular rain shelter?

So, anyway, I was SO glad they came back, safe and sound.

 This morning's breakfast was home-cooked food! Raven loves it, but Bosco is just "so-so" about it. I am hoping the home-cooked food will quicken the healing of Raven's mange. As it is, I already see some improvement though it's still quite bad on the ears.

 They still don't know how to use the litter-box.

Aww...poor Indy is wondering what I am doing outside and with whom.

 May I come in, please? 

Rosie always waits politely outside the gate.

 Home-cooked food with chicken broth.

A bowl for Rosie and a bowl for Ginger.


 What's going on out there?

 Aww...poor little Indy.

 This afternoon, Bosco came into the house and started making friends with Tabs and Cleo....through the grille.

But Cow came over and hissed, so everyone dispersed.

 May we come in, please?

(It's Bosco and Raven.)

Me come in first... 


 Look at that...seems like Bosco and Rosie's mum taught them well?
(They are half-siblings, ie. from the same mother, just a different litter.)

Is it ok if I come in? 

 Bosco would always sit with me.

Rosie's first visit to our home. Welcome, Rosie!

Sure it's ok for me to come in? 

 Thank you very much for letting me sit here.

Scratch, scratch! 

Thank you for letting me visit. 

 I'd better spend enough time with my brood.

Here is a rare photo taken of the whole Cow Clan - Cleo, Pole, Bunny and Cow!


swc said...

Those cats are pretty especially Rosie! Love.

cindy said...

litter box -- what I did long time ago with a stray was to mix 'earth, soil from your garden or flower pot' to the store-bought 'materials'?? then bring the cat to the litter-box and scratch the mixture with their paws (same motions when they use the toilet). Mine worked. Not sure if yours would?

melanie said...

Lucky cats!