Friday, October 5, 2012

As things cool down at Bunny's Place...

Bosco was in the house again this evening. We had to chase him out as we couldn't risk Cow and Bunny going bonkers again. Cow would go into a frenzy with heavy palpitation while Bunny would either take it out on the youngsters (Indy, Tabs and even Tiger) or work himself up until he gets a fever. Yesterday, he was so angry, he felt hot to the touch, I had to give him Vetri DMG just to play it safe.

As the sun sets now, things begin to cool down a bit and...

Aww...isn't that cute!
That's Pole lying on Pabuka the Clown (been the children's toy for more than 20 years now!).

 A RARE sight!

Cats of the same "feather" flock together?

 A not-so-rare sight....ha ha!


Connie said...

Dr Chan, try to give Bunny & Cow Bach Flower Essences. I gave it to the alphas when Uncle Pluto & Lady decided to adopt Ronaldo. It seems to help eliminate the aggresion as the alphas was so kind to accept him.
Lately, Ronaldo developed fear to thunder & lightning; again it was Dr S' Bach Flower Essences that miraculously calmed him down whenever there is a thunderstorm.

chankahyein said...

I gave, but nothing changed. Maybe I should give it for a longer term. Thanks!