Tuesday, October 30, 2012

And how is the Cow Mau?

Cow Mau (that's what we call him) was "imprisoned" for a total of 10 hours today. He started mewing softly at 10.30am but I hardened myself and ignored him.

I was going to let him out by noon, but Max and Lydia came over and we ended up at the clinic. By the time Max left and I settled things, it was already 5pm. That would have made it 10 hours in "solitary confinement", so to speak, though he had visitors off and on.

But as resilient as he is, he did not move from the basket. Not at all. His water was untouched. His litter-box untouched. He was in the exact same position when I left him for Max's trip and he remained in that same position when I came back.

Scary? That's the Cow Mau for you.

Dinner time with the gang at 5pm. Also, jailbreak time for Cow Mau.

When I released him, he did a long stretch. Poor guy. He hadn't moved for 10 hours. I don't think he slept either because each time I checked on him, he was in that same position, with that same face.

After Lydia and Max left, I continued with my vinegar treatment of the walls. Before I let Cow out, I had sprayed diluted (1 part vinegar to 2 parts water) on all his favourite spray spots. He managed to do one spray on the door but I had my water gun ready, so he got water-sprayed. A direct hit. Sorry, Cow, but we are desperate on our side too.

I wouldn't be fair to the family if I let this house be like our old house where Cow & Bunny sprayed all over and stank up the house. Got to nip this in the bud...hopefully it isn't too late.

 Bunny just had to try out the basket in Cow's cage.

You want to be caged too, Bunny? And oh, by the way, Bunny did not spray all afternoon, so this means, Cow is the biggest culprit OR Bunny kind of "got the message"?

 At 7pm.

 Pole went to check out Cow's basket as well.

 At 9pm.

In between, he did go to his favourite spots, but I was armed with the water-gun. A few potential sprays were averted, I must say, but it was certainly very hard work.

 At 10pm.

Let's take a break from Cow-watching, shall we?

Now, what is Cleo doing?

 I hope it's not a toad.

 At 11pm.

At 12.00am (midnight).

I'd be heartless if I caged him for the night, so I'll take my chance for tonight.

Cow, no spraying, please....Please?

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BlackieAsh said...

Cow's 'kesian' face @ picture with caption 'at 7pm'...hehehehe