Sunday, October 28, 2012

Snow White's problem solved! And Mr G's too!!


I am so happy right now.

I just came back from Snow White's owner's house and the owner is very concerned about Snow White. I was right - Snow White is female and is pregnant and about to deliver. The owner says Snow White (that's not her real name) is very elusive and very hard to catch.

I told her about the neighbour's plan to catch Snow White and take her far away, so the owner says she will try to catch Snow White this evening and confine her.

I quickly came back and informed the neighbour about this. In the event that the owner cannot catch Snow White and the neighbour does, I'll take over Snow White and send her back to the owner.

So, that's done.

But wait...more good news. This owner is also Mr G's owner, and the best (ever) news is that she has decided to get all her cats neutered! Yes, including good ol' Mr G. And including Snow White after she delivers.

Now, isn't this double good news?

Sometimes, all it takes is a plan and not giving up, and things will work out...all in good time.

I would like to thank two friends who were willing to temporarily foster Snow White after I posted the S.O.S. Thanks for standing by.

And remember someone told me she suspects Raven comes from a certain house? Well, I checked, no, Raven is not from that house. So, I guess Raven could be either an abandoned or lost kitten. Or, a stray who has been fed good nutrition?  Meanwhile, I have already sent out an alert to the neighbourhood about Raven. No feedback so far.


Maggie Hui said...

That's indeed very good and happy news!! Well done Dr. Chan - peace on earth among all your neighbours now. :))

Chen said...

Yippee! Yippee! Yay!

Maneki Neko said...

Bravo, KY! The best news is that your neighbour has decided to spay & neuter all of her cats. Your tactful and gentle approach obviously worked like a charm. :-)

chankahyein said...

Actually, it was just a matter of time... :)

Donovan said...

This is excellent news.

nandhini said...

yeay!!! hope i get the same response in my neighbourhood as well

Joy E. Saga said...

Oh Joy! Brilliant news to start the day with :-)