Monday, October 29, 2012

A wrestle for a shelf

A fight broke out yesterday at the Clubhouse.

 Cleo had got to this shelf first, which is her normal siesta spot every day (if it doesn't rain).

But the Godfather decided he wanted it.

Ever since Raven came (or maybe that's not the cause), Bunny has been even more godfatherly (not in a nice way!).

 Bunny looks away, so I thought Cleo had won...(her ears also came up a little).

 That's one of Mr G's housemates making his rounds...

 ...and stopping to take a look at the commotion.

After a few minutes...

 Victory was declared.


Joy E. Saga said...

I think this was what probably went on : -

Scene 1
Cleo : Hey! I got here first. Please get off!
Bunny : Huh? U talking to me?
Cow : Psst, Tiger, who do you think will win?
Tiger : Don't want to know...
Tabs : I'm putting my paws on Bunny!

Scene 2
Cleo : Yes! You!
Bunny : (Turns and stare) ... you minion! You dare speak like that to me!

Scene 3
Cleo : (Hesitantly) ... could you, sir, please get off!
Bunny : I am counting to 3... if you are not off by then, be prepared for a super-bunny-whap!

Scene 4
Cleo : (Stare till he gets off ... hoping!)
Bunny : 1...

Scene 5 :
Mr G Housemate : Hmmmm... Gal, you better heed his advice ...
Cleo : No! I'm going to win this round...
Bunny : 2....

Scene 5:
Mr. G Housemate : I woudn't do that if I were you

Scene 6:
Cleo : Sigh .......

chankahyein said...


BoBo Salem said...

notty Bunny BunBun...
theres always next time Cleo!!


Meow Meow Family

Chen said...

Love, love, love Joy's interpretation of the pictures and the dialogue. Spot on!