Thursday, October 11, 2012

Raven, the "kucing minyak"!


Many thanks to Joy and Melyssa for the tip on using oil to treat mange in cats. I too remember a vet telling me that before, but I had totally forgotten until Joy and Melyssa left the comments on the above post.

 Bought this today.

 I oiled Raven.

Gee authentic Gremlin!

 I did the head, ears and the two front legs (bald patches).

 A real "kucing minyak" now!

 She's still a bit wary of me because of last night and this morning when I caught her to go to the vet's. But she trusts me enough to come to me whenever I am in the porch.

Now, a different story. Either he has some past life affinity with me, or he's just good with all humans. "Super manja" would be an understatement to describe him. It's SO easy to do anything to him - feed him Vetri DMG, Revo him, forcefeed him wetfood, get him neutered, etc. Easy peasy...he must have been someone pet's before. I think he's so willing to please, you can probably get him to do somersaults, jump through rings of fire or maybe even ride a tricycle!

 Ginger has become a regular in my porch now. Mr G? No, it rained tonight, so Mr G probably stayed home.


 The three kind of get along, but Ginger still hisses at Raven.

This evening, Rosie was calling from outside the gate, so I opened the gate and went out to feed her. Raven was inside the porch and do you know what she did? She only went as far as the gate and stopped. She just stood there and didn't step out. Yes, like a well-trained dog who has won medals from Obedience School.

HOW do you train any cat to be so obedient? Given my brood (Bunny and gang), they would have run off somewhere. Pole and Tabs would probably be on some neighbour's roof, Indy would have run off to the playground. And all would "pretend" they are deaf and cannot hear you at all.

But Raven isn't going anywhere even with the gate wide open! And neither are Ginger and Bosco.

How does it work?


mas said...

must have a very (i mean verrryyyyy) close observation during their playtime outside the house. there must be some "punishment" (non physical) system,e.g: i do put them right back into the house if they ever step out, even a step from the gate. do that for more than 3 times, the cats can remember/understand that going out of the gate is a NO NO or they can't go out at all (on curfew).

then there will be 3 types of conclusions

1. TOTALLY OBEDIENT CAT - they understand and never repeat (going out from the gate)

2. OBEDIENT (In disguise) - they groom at one spot like they will sit there forever. but once you look away..swoosh they'll be gone before u can notice

3. TAK MAKAN SAMAN - some cats just have an attitude which u cant do anything about it..haha

cindy said...

well, simple logic I supposed ... they are 'outside', the only 'side' they can go is 'inside'?

chankahyein said...

ha ha...I will classify mine as "Obedient in Disguise" when they are INSIDE, except for Tabs who is "tak makan saman". But if I were to release my 7 cats, they will become "tak makan saman" once they are outside. But I think Bunny and Cow will probably "have to" stay around to maintain their "boss" status (though I'm sure they would prefer sitting in the drain). I mean, if they also lari lintang pukang, someone else might take over the BOSS status in the house!! Then World War 3 will break out!

Yen Ling said...

Hello. Can Olive Oil (edible Extra Virgin Olive Oil be used for mange)?

melle said...

Hi, Kah Yein.

You could try this. Visualise a boundary around your house and send that mental image to your cats telling them that's the boundary of your house. And that you need them to stay within the boundary to be safe and happy.

And when any vehicle passes by, tell them the reason you want them to stay withing your boundary is so that they'd be safe from moving vehicles.

I do that with my cats, and so far, it has worked with persistent efforts every morning. And when they stray outside the boundary (very rarely though), I'll scold them and put them inside cage.

chankahyein said...

Thank you, Melle! I will certainly try that. Would visualisation also work to make Cow and Bunny stop spraying? I think Cow & Bunny will not roam outside, but they spray all over and nothing is spared. Our piano is destroyed because of their spraying in my old house. Our furniture, etc...all gone. That is why we have to confine them in this new house.

melle said...

Yes, you could do that too. It's always good to have a reason why you need them to not spray on furniture. Our pets need to be told why and how their unintentional wrongdoing upset us.