Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The vet called...at 11.32pm

As I was hanging out my chloroxed laundry of cushion covers and today's clothes, my phone rang. It was from the vet and it was 11.32pm.

The heart stopped. I'm sure of it. It really stopped.

My hands are trembling as I write this....

But hey........Bosco is fine!!!!!

Yes, he (the senior vet) said Bosco if fine and "meowed a bit" when he called him this evening.

And as of now, the vet said Bosco is fine!!

Gosh, I don't know whether to laugh or cry...I'm so relieved! I really, really thought it would be bad news because it's 11.32pm.

And I asked the vet if it's parvovirus. He said he is doubtful...because of the grey line. That is a relief too, isn't it?

Never mind what it is, he said, as long as Bosco is getting better.

Now, that - I totally agree!!

And I shall continue hanging out my clothes now...goodnight, everyone!

Please pray for Miracle No.2.....thank you!!

P.S. My hands are still trembling. But I'm happy!


peggy tiong said...

Hi Kah Yein, So glad to hear this piece of good news. Keeping Bosco in my prayer. You take care of yourself too.

Connie said...

Oh my! The headline is a cliff-hanger! I just finished hanging my clothes when I sat down & thinking about Bosco.
Soooo glad it's actually a wonderful news. Sending lots of healing vibes to Bosco. Get well soon Bosco!

Wil said...

The moment I saw the new update on my fb my heart stop too! I thought Bosco didn't make it since it is so late and ur tiltle let me scare to read it.But hey I am so happy he is getting better. ^^ will keep praying n u rest early too Dr chan. Good night sleep well

Mei Kueen said...

Have faith and miracles will happen. Bosco will recover soon.

CW Lee said...

3 cheers to Bosco! Miracles DO happen to Goodhearted people like you Dr.

cindy said...

Will do. Faithfully!

No need to response. Save your energy for better things for the cats!

Maneki Neko said...

It's so lovely to start my day reading this very happy news! :-)

Maggie Hui said...

*Thumbs Up* for the marvellous news!!Soooo happy to know that Bosco is getting better!! You take care too.