Thursday, November 1, 2012

Raven visits Bunny's Place

 We let Raven into Bunny's Place this morning.

Tabs was waiting excitedly at the grille with Raven on the other side, so I thought the two would hit it off like house on fire. But no, our guess was TOTALLY off the mark!

The two did a courtesy touch-nose for what seemed a split second (so fast, even my camera missed that shot), and before you know it, Raven was inside and Tabs was outside!

 Tabs just wanted to go out!

 And Raven wanted to come in!

 Pole growled.

 Meanwhile, Tabs was having a field day in my herb garden. What herbs do I have left now? Most of it have been sprayed on by Mr G and are now completely destroyed.

 Raven came out asking Tabs to play.

 Want to play, Big Sis?

 Tabs was completely uninterested.

Poor little Raven.

Meanwhile, I guess everyone must be waiting eagerly to hear about Cow.

Was there any spray last night? Well.....yes. BUT...not as much as before.

This morning, we locked everyone out in the pantry except Tabs and Tiger.

When I came home from work...

 Hmm...this is good. Cow going into the cage all by himself.

Cage = Home, Cow Mau?

The little blue plastic house I made for them turned out to be a bad idea. Bunny used it as a toilet and it was FULL of sprays. Well, how is Bunny supposed to know what it is meant for, right? So I cleaned it, and removed it. In its place, I put these baskets hoping they would see it as a siesta spot (and not spray). But see those wet spots on the ground? Bunny had already sprayed. That pail is the biggest victim. And I'm sure all my hangers are now spray-stained.

 Afternoon nap.

Bunny checking out the Airnet.

 Raven was let in again as she seemed lonely outside by herself.

Hooray, a toy! 

 Just look at's not like Tabs to be so cold. I wonder why she isn't interested. But maybe it's all for the better because Raven will be going to her new home soon. Raven needs playmates and Tabs isn't interested at all.

Everyone migrated out when Raven came into the room. Bunny even went out to the green box and did a major SPRAY. Bigtime too. That's him saying "This is MY territory."

 I had a hard time catching Raven. She is very quick and elusive.

Slick and....oily?

Though Raven's mange has healed, I had better play it safe and vacuum clean the floor. A vet once told me that vacuuming is very effective in removing mites and mite-eggs.

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Connie said...

Tabs doing the 'jual mahal' thing. Or maybe she just having a bad hair-do day...