Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Visiting Don Don & his new friends at the vet's

I made a trip to the vet's this evening to settle this week's bills. 

Hello there....and who might you all be?

Why, it's Alarie's kittens. Alarie had written to me for financial assistance with a mother-cat and three kittens. I offered to get the family dewormed and the mother-cat checked, but Alarie had already placed the kittens here in this clinic for adoption. That's definitely even better!

They are such pretty little things too...

Interested? Please contact Mayo Clinic on 03-56377026 and ask for Alarie's kittens.

Er..and you? Are you for adoption too? 

Ha ha...of course not!

This is Don Don, the latest resident kitten at the clinic.

 Don Don is as adorable and as mischievous as kittens are supposed to be...

 And absolutely curious, of course.
If a kitten is not curious, you would worry!

This is a little baby kitten (but already one-month old) rescued by Janice. Janice had written to me earlier to ask for advice on how to care of a litter of newborns. Two of them died after a few days, and this is the only survivor. When Janice found them, their eyes are tightly closed. Must have been perhaps 2-3 days old as they only opened their eyes after 7 days with Janice.

Do you know, I receive and reply so many emails in a day, I could not even remember this until Janice gave me all the details of what I had written! Oh dear...age IS catching up. But never mind, it's all a part of the natural processes in life.  

 Janice brought this little kitten for a check-up. His anus was all red, but everything is fine now.

 Gee...what a tiny little fellow...

 Don Don, the ever-caring one.
Ever-curious, too....

 That's RayRay, his mentor. The two get on like a house on fire.

Aren't kittens just so wonderful?

And while I was there, another S.O.S. came in....read on....


Anonymous said...

You guys should not allow such a tiny kitten to crawl around in a clinic because many sick cats are brought in there and such a tiny kitten's immune system is not strong. That is why boarding at clinics is quite high risk. It is bad enough having to bring such a small kitten to a clinic. Also, do not expose them to other cats.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Was wondering, has Atarie's kittens been adopted?

chankahyein said...

Pls enquire at Mayo Clinic 03-56377026.