Friday, September 16, 2011

Wani's contribution to the Fish Pose Club

It's her Shamini Popiko Sasha Woof - now, that's the writer of the MDDB blog.

Hey, Bobby used to do this as well. 

My children called it the Penyu Pose (Penyu = Turtle) because it looks like the flippers of a turtle.

Wani says Shamini is too fat to do the Fish now.

In case you're wondering how it came to be called the Fish Pose....actually, I don't know! My children started it when Cow fished around!

I googled and found the yoga Fish Pose, which is nothing near our animals' Fish Pose!


Malaysian said...

She's too fat to do the fish pose now. :))

Huey said...

I was getting my daily dose of laughter and found this on today's Cute Overload too:

Fish pose is really the trend now. LOL.