Monday, September 12, 2011

My two helpers

 The morning started with litter-box training.

 But as always, litter-box doubles up as playpen!

Baloo has developed this naughty little habit of pressing down on Bagheera' head.

 Poor Tiger...he doesn't come into the room anymore ever since the Blueys occupied it.

 But at least he did not run away...he's either in the kitchen, on the piano stool or outside in the porch.

 Luckily Mary came to help me with all the packing on Saturday. 

 Pre-ordered stocks.

 Today, I have to pack and post those who have paid up.

 Lots of work...but not to fear coz I have two reliable little helpers.

ha's another playpen for them!

 Baloo loves to venture out... the brave new world!

 Bagheera prefers to stay in the litter-box where it's confirmed "safe".

 Baloo getting some warmth from Uncle Bobby.

 Bagheera prefers the towel.