Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Blueys go for a car trip the vets!

The Blueys' potential adopter is coming all the way from Seremban tomorrow to see them. Of course, as always, I have mixed feelings about letting them go. But I cannot adopt them for a few reasons. Six is about all that we (the human family) can handle. My adult cats, especially Cow and Bunny, has this tendency of chasing cats around the age of 5-6 months UNLESS the cats can establish their space and find their place in the house - I cannot control this; it's dependent on the cats' personality. Also, the presence of any other feline in the house makes Cow and Bunny spray even more. 

Talking about spraying, I am up to my wits' end trying to find a product that can control spraying, but recently, my vet showed me a device called Feliway. It is an electronic device which can be plugged in and it gives out hormones (something like air fresheners) and the device claims to reduce spraying, fighting and all other stress-related behavioural problems in cats. It is also recommended for house-moving to help the cats adjust to a new environment. The vet has tried it out in his cat boarding room and finds it effective. The cats were all calmer (that includes Ah Fatt's highly ferocious black-and-white sporo cat).  

There is always a regular "territorial aggression" in my household. Sometimes, it's a Cleo aggression and her target is her uncle, Cow. Usually, it's a Cow aggression and his target is everyone but Cleo. There is also an ongoing Indy-Pole aggression, each one taking turns to dominate. But Pole has been dominating for months now (poor little Indy), and of course Tiger is always, and always at the losing end. At one point, he was practically dwelling (seeking feline political asylum) at the neighbour's house. This evening, my husband caught Cow spaying onto Tiger's head while the latter was in his baby basket. Poor Tiger...

With this highly politically-charged environment in the house, it is not wise for me to bring in another feline permanent resident, unless it is a highly dominant cat who can command everyone else and (finally!) bring peace and goodwill to all of catkind.   

Now, back to the, giving them up for adoption appears to be the better option because my two alphas might just give them a lot of trouble when they reach 5-6 months. Cleo is equally queenly territorial. Of course I will miss them, just as I did the Sunnies. But that's life, you cannot have everything you want. 

Here are some photos taken today:

 Enjoying the hot water bottle during this rainy season.

 They are very obedient. Every morning when I open the door, I will find them still inside the carrier. They will only come out when they see me, even though the door of the carrier is wide open.

 Breakfast is kibbles and milk. Bagheera still wants her milk.

 As always, Uncle Bobby provides the best warmth.

 They have recently discovered a new play thing - the rolled up AnimalCare buntings. I think they just find the  round surfaces so curiously interesting. And the strings, of course.

 Tiger doesn't hiss anymore...but that's probably because his baskets are still his.
The Sunnies took Tiger's favourite baby basket and he kind of never forgave them for it....

 Hey, you two.

When I came back from work this afternoon, only Bagheera was in the carrier. 

Where was Baloo?

 Bagheera quickly came out squealing, as though trying to tell me that Baloo had gone missing...

We both started looking for Baloo...where are you Baloo?

 Hah! There are you! Baloo had climbed onto the pink box (Bunny's favourite box).

Ming-Yi noticed yesterday that Baloo had some spots on her body, which looked like fungus. I applied Apple Cider Vinegar last night but decided I should bring both to the vet today. Baloo also seemed a little less spunky. I had also asked my neighbour to inform the lady in Seremban that Baloo might have some fungal infection. I know normally, from previous experience, the vet would prefer to let the kitten grow up and let her immune system kick in and fight the infection. 

So this afternoon, off we went to the vet's, after that heavy downpour...

 Lying comfortably on the vet's lap.

 Even the vet said Bagheera is really spunky. 

He peeled off those "spots" on Baloo. It was dried skin and underneath it was moist. It is a bacterial infection due to something. 

But due to what? 

Let's check if it is fungal....

 That's the ultra violet light. Nope, it doesn't appear to be fungal in nature.

So, it's just a bacterial infection which is not life-threatening and the vet would prefer to leave it and let Baloo's own immune system fight it as she grows up. But if I like, I can apply povidone iodine on them (which is much, much safer than any other creams which would be toxic to the liver) and give them both Vetri DMG as an immune booster.

The two were also dewormed a second round.

Bagheera was checked thoroughly and she did not have the bacterial infection. Other than Baloo's skin condition, the vet says both are in the pink of health. 

And oh, Baloo's weight had doubled! Bagheera is getting there as well. 

The vet said Bagheera appears to be more dominant. "Look at that spunk!", he said. He also said it could be a case of trying very hard to catch up (Bagheera was really weak when first brought to me; she looked like the neglected child in the litter and was really small).  

Then, off we went home, with the povidone iodine and Vetri DMG.

When we reached home....

Cow was waiting for us.

I fed them the Vetri DMG, gave them milk and kibbles and they went into the carrier...

Must be a little tired out from the car-ride.

I also informed my neighbour about Baloo's condition but she says the potential adopter would still like to see them tomorrow.

Well, till tomorrow then....


ManekiNeko said...

I think the first requirement for adopting the Blueys would be an elderly poodle "carpet" for them to nap on. Those without such a luxury need not apply. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear KY, please tell the adopter to wait till the Blueys are older in order to increase their chance of survival. They are still too young. I have picked up so many really bouncing healthy kittens their age only to suddenly fall ill and die after 2-3 weeks. Suddenly changing their environment caused a LOT of stress to their little bodies. The adopter must really wait. I would not take the risks. And Seremban is very far away, too far away from good vets. I know one girl's suddenly sick cat died in her car while travelling to Healing Rooms from Seremban.

Potentially too high risk at the moment, KY, don't think we can take another heartbreak posting from you just yet, dear .... do wait a little ....

chankahyein said...

Unfortunately, I don't live alone. My son has been asking me every day when they can be adopted. I need to respect that too. Cow & Bunny have gone on a massive spraying campaign and it's driving everyone nuts. Also, I don't want them to develop an attachment to me. Kak Midah has a mother-cat who is nursing her babies right now, so I was thinking that would be the replacement for Uncle Bobby. The vet said they are ready for adoption. Let's see how it goes today. I'm in the midst of packing to move house too.

ManekiNeko said...

Oh my heavens. Trying to move house, care for one husband, two children, a blind poodle, warring cats,, and teaching maths at the university???

My blood pressure spikes to unhealthy levels just thinking about it.

I respect Anon's opinion that there is risk in giving up very young kittens, but you've brought these 2 a long way and it sounds like the potential adopter is a good one. You can only do so much. Don't sacrifice your own health, please.