Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baloo and Bagheera updates

 Look at the difference in size!

 Baloo is a girl or a boy, I wonder...

 Feeding Bagheera.

 I want milk too!

 Wiping Bagheera's mouth after feeding to prevent milk rash.

Bagheera can take up to 1ml at a go now. This evening, he drank a total of 4ml spread over an hour, bit by bit.

 Me! Me! I want milk!

Wiping the privates to stimulate urination.

 Are we pretty enough to be adopted?

 Me and my brother...

Take us home?

They are for adoption, but not right now.

So far, for today, they have been very well-behaved. After a feed and ample play-time, they would go back to the carrier to sleep. But if still hungry, they will mew again. Then, they take up to a 2-hour nap before waking up for the next feed. 

Winnie is coming to visit them later tonight. 

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Yen Ling said...

The look on their cute faces! Priceless. Reminds me so much of the late XiaoLi @ Suki. :)

Dr. Chan, keep up the good work!