Friday, September 23, 2011

Baloo's new "sentry post"

I'm sure you've noticed how most cats like to sleep on high places?

 We call this Cleo's sentry post.

When Cleo is off duty, Cow takes over.

We also have a back sentry post, let me look for the photos later and I'll post them up here. That would be Tiger and Bunny's territory. They oversee the black alley....for unauthorised trespassers.

Well, Baloo is learning this cat trait...

 Baloo simply loves Bunny's pink box. Well, it's not very high, but it's higher than being on the floor!

 Er...Bagheera is still at the stage of exploring everywhere and anywhere....
What high places? Who has time for high places? I wanna play!!

And yes, I managed to organise all the tshirts neatly into big boxes last night, and in the process, I would like to believe I have developed a few muscle fibres in my biceps!

Have a great day at work, folks!

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Connie said...

hehehe.. Reading about the blueys always cheers me up. Thanks Dr Chan.