Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baloo "devours" Baby Cat kibbles!

As promised, the Blueys got their Baby Cat kibbles today.

The vet always advises to give SMALL amounts because we don't want a sudden drastic change of food to cause the much-feared diarrhoea in kittens. 

 So, small amounts it is.....and Baloo absolutely loved it!

 Bagheera didn't quite know what it was at first...

 Until Baloo showed her...

It's food!  It can be eaten!  And it's super duper yummilicious!!
Eat, Bagheera, eat!!

 I had to put them in opposite directions, or Baloo would eat up all of Bagheera's.

 Bagheera ate only a few pellets, which is good....slow and steady.

 But Baloo....?

 She certainly "helped" Bagheera finish her share as well.

 I think Bagheera prefers to just sit in the food bowl.

Baloo was a bundle of unstoppable energy today, exploring everywhere and running here and then. You'd almost think the Baby Cat kibbles was some energy supplement!

She wanted to go into every nook and corner.
She wanted to climb mountains!

 Of course, they did not forget to take their naps.

 Bunny came in three times today. He touched noses with them too (missed those priceless shots!).

Bagheera used the litter-box for pee today.  

Clever girl, Bagheera!

Well, I may be smaller, but I'm clever.

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