Friday, September 9, 2011

Playtime for the Blueys!

Kittens, just like human children, need toys and playthings for mental stimulation, so late last night, I decided to make a playhouse for them.

Husband says he will use the blade to cut the doors and windows.

 There...we put the litter tray inside, and put the two kitties inside.

 This is Bagheera, right? Gosh, I can't tell them apart now...
Yes, it is.

Baloo was scared inside the house, so we quickly "opened" the house and let him out.
He was so scared, he didn't dare move at all.

Okay, come on out....

 Husband pacified him quickly...No fear, no fear...

 We'll just play inside the litter box where it's bright, okay?

 You ok?
Yes, I think so.

 Give him milk to help pacify him...

 You two play inside the litter box now.

 We'll play here, decides Baloo.

 He's okay now...not scared anymore.

 But Bagheera explores....the little one isn't scared of this new house.

 Baloo remains outside.

 I've checked the place out, Bro. It's safe. Come on in...

 Baloo would rather not, so Bagheera comes out to play instead.

 Now, this is much, much safer....and brighter, too.

This morning, the two were already awake when I opened the carrier door.

They were HUNGRY!!

After feeding time, it was playtime again....

Baloo still plays it safe....not going into the house.
But Bagheera wants to go in....

 Nope, you're not going in, little brother...

I'll protect you.

And the story continues.....(later!)

I gtg to work now....bye bye, kitties.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Chan, if you can try not to use these fruit boxes as they may have traces of pesticites, fungicide and other chemical preservatives as fruits and vegetables are sprayed generously with them.

You can get lots of clean kibble boxes from the vets and petshops. They are made of better cardboard, make good toy castles and are extrememly good for lining the cat cages, good for scratching too.

Good luck with the kitties, great job!

chankahyein said...

Thank you very much for the caution about fruit boxes. Appreciate it very much. But these boxes have not been used to store fruits as they are the boxes used by my tshirt supplier to store and send our tshirts in. The supplier said they are excess unused carton boxes taken from the factory. So, I doubt it would have pesticide residue. But will take your advice and get kibble boxes instead. Thanks!

hpfl. said...

Hello Ms Chan

My name is Liyana,

I was just wondering are these kittens for adoption?

I found your site from petfinder.


chankahyein said...

Hi Liyana, yes, they are for adoption, but both together. Are you interested? Please write to me at for further details.