Friday, September 23, 2011

STILL more applicants for the Duck-Hen Pose Club!

From Jessy Lian:

Hi Dr.Chan,

Ah Yee is my family's beloved female cat. She & her brother were adopted by us 5+ yrs ago from the alley, when their mother were tragically bitten to death by a group of 5-6 stray dogs. That time my alley is still not gated.

Cookie is 1 of my alley cats whom was diagnosed with FeLV a few months back. He is now healthy & didn't develop any FeLV symptoms.

Rocky is another 1 of my alley cats. He was found in my street the day after my dog pass away - 14 Oct 2008.

This is Ah Yee.

This is so adorable!

And this is Cookie.

And Rocky!

His eyes do somehow remind you of Sylvester Stallone's, don't they?

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