Sunday, September 25, 2011

What have the Blueys been up to?

Let's take a look at their antics today...

 Both can lick milk on their own, but Bagheera still wants to be syringe-fed!

The vet says the sooner they get off milk, the better, so I'm weaning them off gradually.

 And Bagheera tries everybody's food, too!

Spunk is my middle name.

 This is the stage where they will practically play with anything!

And explore very nook and corner.

 I thought we had lost Baloo and looked for her everywhere....until we found her sleeping peacefully behind  this cupboard!

Even Bagheera got worried and started mewing.

 Paper football!


 And they are back in action again...

After the match is over, Baloo attempts to go behind the cupboard again, but I've blocked it this time.

And while my eyes can barely remain open, the two spunky little sisters are wide awake.

Bagheera can finally climb onto Bunny's pink box, so that's a whole new playground for them as well.

But nothing beats being with Uncle Bobby!

Goodnight, folks!

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Connie said...

My heart melts everytime when see those blueys hugs uncle bobby.