Thursday, September 8, 2011

Goodnight, little ones...

The two blueys slept through after dinner until almost midnight. I got a little worried, so I woke them up to give them a feed. Bagheera took 2ml at one go, Baloo 3ml, and both went back to sleep!


You'd almost think they know I have to go to work tomorrow, hence, they went back to sleep so that I can sleep too....!!  (How come human babies don't know that?)  

Tiger is back on duty now, sitting right under my chair.

And just now, something unprecedented happened....

 Cow came in to check on things. Yes, I've brought the cushion into the room because I'm camping here tonight in case they need a midnight or post-midnight feed.

 Here's Cow peeping at them...

Then, out of the blue, Tiger got up and chased Cow out of the room!

Tiger chasing Cow???

But no fight ensued, because the two only went as far a the kitchen, and....

 The two sat face to face and touched noses!! 
Tsk..I missed that split-second priceless shot!

Okay, you two get a reward because you made peace. 

Goodnight, everyone.

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