Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Blueys are still here

It's 5.30pm now and the potential adopter isn't here yet. Perhaps she is not coming today. Just as well because I've decided to foster the Blueys for awhile more in light of Baloo's skin infection. She has just started on the povidone iodine and Vetri DMG and I'd like her to settle down with it and see some improvement first. 

 Bunny came to visit last, to eat, I mean.

 Our little one was a most gracious host...
Why, hello Uncle Bunny! Welcome, nice of you to drop by. 

 A good old feline ceremonial welcome....touch noses.

 Aww...extended welcome.

Now, who is this?

It's Bagheera. She's become quite attached to my husband.  
 Er...what about me?

Ok, you too...


Husband thought they would be going to their new home today, so he came by to say goodbye.

But no, they are still here.....

 The many poses with Uncle Bobby.

 Insect pose?

The vet saw a few fleas crawling on Baloo yesterday so he told me to Frontline them again. They were Frontlined just two weeks ago when they first came, but he said Frontline is very, very safe (can be used on two-day old kittens!).

So armed with the hair-dryer, I Frontlined them both this afternoon when there was some sun. Baloo ran for her life and hid amongst the tshirt boxes outside. Bagheera seemed to take it in her big deal, I've been sprayed before....

 Baloo after being sprayed.

Bagheera...Call me Fuzzy Lumpkins for now.

And you must be Fuzzy Balooey?

I prepared a fresh hot water bottle for them thinking they would want to nap after being Frontlined....well, yes, but only one wanted to nap. Bagheera had other plans... 

Baloo nodding off to sleep....

Bagheera still up and about and on the go!
This is my milk...Pets Own. I like it lots. You want some?

So, it looks like you'll be hearing and reading Bluey stories for a few more days!


Connie said...

I'm delighted to see them again!

Anonymous said...

I only have one word - "YEAH!!!"