Saturday, September 10, 2011

Baloo ventures out to the brave new world...

Baloo started getting really adventurous yesterday.....


 Baloo loves laps.

 He's been doing quite a bit of this...maybe looking up to see what's on top.
Or, maybe he is just stretching his neck.

 He loves being with Bobby.

 The poor thing keeps looking for teats on Bobby.

 Bagheera is not so adventurous and prefers to play it safe.

 Baloo settles comfortably.

But soon, he decides to venture out....

 To the kitchen first....what's this?
What an interesting's rubbery.

 Balooo...where are you?
(Bagheera looks for Baloo)

 Where's my brother?


 Halp!! I'm all alone....where's my brother?

Baloo trots further...

Baloo explores. He runs out....

Out into the living room...
Bobby follows to make sure he is okay.
Bobby is blind and appears to be "asleep" almost all the time, but he knows what is going on and will do the needful.

Bunny intercepts.

Hey you, small fella....where do you think you're going?

 I intercept...
And scoop him up....

 Reunited with Bagheera.

The whole episode outside probably took only one minute...

 Hey Bagheera, I went all the way outside...

It's so interesting and there are lots of new things to see...
And it's so big...

 You want to go out, too?

Er, no....I'll just stay in here where it's safe.

 Baloo explores the house.

Note: Many thanks to the commenter who cautioned that there may be pesticide residue in this fruit box. But this is not a fruit box per se. It's a tshirt box. My tshirt supplier takes excess boxes from the carton factory and uses them for tshirts. I checked.

 Baloo with Bobby again...

 Tiger comes in to check on them, but isn't very happy. Before they came, it had been Tiger Season in my room (that means Tiger stays in my room). Now, because of the Blueys, Tiger has to sleep outside.

 They are tired of the carrier, and prefers "the outside".


 When I'm not in the room, they go back into the carrier, and Bobby stands (sleeps?) guard. 

This morning, Baloo pooped....

 It's not diarroea, because it only comes up when I stimulated his privates, but it's greyish and a bit pasty.

Got to bring them to the vet today, after I'm done with the KTAJ 3 cats and 1 dog in PJ.

Bagheera has not pooped yet, but the vet says with Pets Own Milk, even if they don't poop up to 7 days, it is still okay, because Pets Own is very easily digested and absorbed. Will let the vet check today.

 Hey, Baloo!

 He even wanted Bobby's food.

No, no....cannot.

 He comes back and tells Bagheera all about it...

Do you know? Uncle Bobby gets to eat something different from milk....

Maybe we'll get to eat that too, when we are big like Uncle Bobby...

You will, little ones. You will.

This weekend is one of my busiest EVER weekend. But what needs to be done, has to be done, so there's no two ways about it. When there are things to do, you'd just have to do them.

Life doesn't have to be complicated.

Further updates tonight. 


nadya said...

damn cute :D -Nadya-

I have added cool emoticons to this message.
To see them go to

I have added cool emoticons to this message.
To see them go to

I have added cool emoticons to this message.
To see them go to

Honey of the Valley said...

owh i lOve this pOst...its like a stOry bOok dat i can read tO my chiLdren sOmeday.. husg & kisses tO baloo & bagheera.. =)

Hech said...

Hello, we've 4 kittens aged abt 4 weeks and they're really thin. This one kitten can't open it eyes due to.. i don't know his tahi mata? (sorry i don't what its called in english)

their mom are kind of thin too. their mom has gave birth before and all of the kittens died >< may i know what i should do to them (kittens + mom)? like what should i do to the cat and how can i clean the kitten eyes.

i planned to bring the kittens to a vet though.

btw Baloo and Bagheera are really2 adorable. hahah!

Thank you!

chankahyein said...

Bring them to the vet for a proper diagnosis and advice.

Connie said...

I'm very happy knowing them doing well.