Friday, September 16, 2011

And how are the Blueys?

It is now 2.40am and I've just finished stock-checking and packing tshirt orders. The big mess-up by the supplier.....well, let's take it as a lesson in patience and....patience.

And how have the Blueys been?

Well, let's start off with a guessing game.

Who is who?

 Not so easy?

Aha...this one's easy, eh?

 This one?

 Help me! Help me!
I'm being squashed!!

 Now, who is who?

You sure this is Baloo?

And this is Bagheera?

Ahh...this is an easy one. Baloo is still bigger.

 Hey, don't steal my food!

 Who is stealing whose food now?

 Okay, sharing is caring.

 Like identical twins?

 Bobby and Baloo BOTH go for the adult cat food!

 Nappy Nap Time!

And this is.....?

 Tiger and .....(I'm not sure who) touch noses.

I was worried about them having not pooped since Monday. So it's off to the vet's.

The vet said they are not constipated, but there is faeces. Maybe I should give more kibbles (since there has been no diarrhoea). Maybe it needs more food to push the faeces out. And I should also give water. 

So I did.

And within half an hour, Bagheera pooped! Nice, healthy poop too!  

Will wait for Baloo to poop next............

Good morning!! (But I'll be off to bed now).

It's 3am. It's been such a long day.  


Erica said...

Both Bagheera & Baloo are so cute... wishing someone will give them a loving home!

Anonymous said...

I differentiate them by looking at their tails.