Monday, September 26, 2011

A male cat neutered (Francis Tze)

Francis Tze was one of the very first person I spoke to and who agreed to participate on our One-Street CNRM. On his own, he feeds the stray cats (now community cats) on his street, which coincidentally, is the street I'm moving to at the end of this year. 

Every morning, Francis brings kibbles all neatly packed in newspapers. The cats come running when they see him (I witnessed this when I visited the site), he feeds them, and then, he cleans up the place and packs all the food back. 

So, today, Francis brought one of the male cats to be neutered at our panel vet. This male cat has a sister, which will be done only on Thursday as I could not get an appointment under such short notice.

The neutering cost is fully sponsored from our funds.

The photo from Francis, on his breakfast rounds.

The cat at the vet's today.

The cat has already been neutered and Francis has collected him.

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