Monday, September 26, 2011

Meeting Wii...!!

Wii was my rescue....some four years ago. 

Wii was rescued together with his sister, Vixey, from a rubbish heap in October 2007. Vixey turned out to be a pygmy kitten (with congenital growth retardation) and I nursed her for two years until she passed away of kidney failure. After Vixey's passing, Wii exiled himself to my back alley and simply refused to come home except for food. He would come home 5-6 times a day whenever he heard me in the kitchen.

Wii was terrified of my alphas (Cow & Bunny) as they would chase him out to the back alley. Wii seemed quite contented living in the alley (and I suspect, in some of the friendly neighbour's houses) but my immediate animal-hating-only-humans-can-live-on-this-earth neighbour started shouting at Wii and throwing things at him. Wii has this tendency to mew a lot whenever he came home (to the kitchen) and this drove the neighbour up the wall. He simply could not stand the sound of any animal. To make matters worse, Wii did enter his house a few times as his kitchen windows were always open. Sigh...I could not stop Wii except to cage him up. But would life be for a cat in a cage, especially when he had been free all his life? 

We tried bringing Wii back into the house, but he was so terrified of my alphas, he would run off back into the alley, only to be shouted at and cursed by the animal-hating neighbour. Wii's only friend was Tiger (Tabbies, Inc.). Wii and Tiger would touch noses every morning and whenever Wii came back for food. 

I was very worried for Wii's safety, so in August 2010, I asked if Roselin (bless her kind soul) would be willing to adopt Wii. Roselin agreed and Wii went to live with Roselin. It was so sad for me to part with Wii, but it was for Wii's own good and his safety. There's no telling what my animal-hating neighbour might do. Cow & Bunny's territorial nature did not help at all. Sigh...

However, when Wii entered Roselin household, he totally transformed into a big bully and was absolutely hostile to all of Roselin's (then) 16 cats. This totally surprised me as Wii was so timid and gentle while living with me. It just goes to show how a cat's personality can change when the environment changes. Roselin faced a lot of challenges helping Wii adjust.   

During this year's Chinese New Year, Roselin found a home for Wii and Wii went to live with his new owner. Wii was treated really well (he wore cat clothes, etc.) and he was the only cat. That was good for Wii. Unfortunately, this new owner travelled overseas a lot, and Wii was passed to friends for fostering. 

Roselin was not happy with this arrangement, so she took Wii back and Wii went back to live with Roselin and as before, couldn't get along with her cats again....

This went on until a dog with a character came to live with Roselin. This dog was named John Wayne and for good reasons too. He could not get along with other dogs and was a big bully himself. 

Now, Wii could not get along with other cats and John Wayne could not get along with other dogs, BUT, the two got on like a house on fire!

Would you believe that?  

So, the two live in Roselin's kitchen and became, in Roselin's words, "Best Friends Forever"! They even lie on each other when they sleep! Roselin, where are the photos??!!!

Anyway, that's the story in a nutshell.  

Yesterday, Roselin was worried about some bald spots on Wii - was it mange or hair loss due to fights? Yes, Wii does escape from the kitchen and goes out to fight with Roselin's other cats occasionally.

So I said, bring him to our vet. I'll pay (not AnimalCare, but me). I owe Wii that much, and Roselin too.

So, Wii came to our clinic today.....

Hi Wii....!!!!

It felt so nice holding Wii again. 

The last time I visited him was when he "got lost" for a few hours. Roselin called and I rushed down there, but by the time I got there, Wii had already come home. Recently, he "got lost" again, but came back when Roselin opened a can of fish!

 That's Roselin with Wii.

 The vet said it's probably nothing but just some scratches and battlescars. He applied some povidone iodine on those few spots.

 Roselin also brought a newly rescued puppy for a check-up.

I had a good time carrying Wii while the vet examined the puppy. Wii does remember me, I think. He mews loudly whenever I visit him at Roselin's house and nudges and rubs his face on me. 

 Those are the bald spots on Wii. 

Time to go home now, Wii.

Bye now...and be good.

Thank you, Roselin!
(I owe you for many lifetimes for taking such good care of Wii.)


m.q said...

Wii just look like my cat :)

Turtle said...

Cute and bossy cat haha.. Is will a pure domestic breed? He looks so big size, hmm.. how can I make my cats that big..