Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Blueys go for a the vet's!

Bagheera's appetite had been so incredibly good today. Although I already stagger his feeds, giving him not more than 3ml per round, and letting him walk around to play a bit before the next round, in one hour, he would take as much as 10-12ml of milk.

His stomach looked bloated today, so I thought he probably has worms. I know all kittens need to be dewormed, but the tricky question is - WHEN? Best to ask the vet. Our vets normally deworm if the kitten looks fit enough. Some vets deworm only after 6 weeks.   

 He's so clever now, he even knows how to flip the cover to get to the milk. Not that he can lick yet, but he knows...aha, that's where the milk is.

I want milk!

He's just SO hungry.

Winnie dropped in to visit. There is no more Pets Own Milk in Subang Jaya (the supplier has no new stock yet), so Winnie had to go to five petstores before she could buy 6 packs. 

Winnie said Bagheera looks so well and active now. When Winnie first got them out of the drain, Bagheera refused to drink milk and was really thin and emaciated. It is quite amazing how fast he turned just one day.  

Good nutrition does wonders....

The kittens took a nap after Winnie left, but got up soon. So, since the vet was still open, I thought I should bring them for a check-up.

 So, off we went for a the vet's.

The vet examined them and said they both looked fine. He is tempted to deworm them, but since they had just come to me yesterday and Bagheera had been emaciated and has only recovered now, it's best not to push things. Wait a day or two, he said, then we must deworm them.

Baloo weighed 263g and Bagheera 200g.  

Baloo also looked very tired today and that got me a little worried.

But after we came back, I think I know why.....

Sorry....but to a caregiver, this is a sight for sore's poo the length of the intestines, which is most welcome. 

Both had not poo-ed ever since yesterday. This is Baloo's poo. This long dark-coloured poo came out as I was massaging him after a feed. It must be from the stuff he had probably eaten while inside the drain. The ends of it was a bit greenish grey as well. Glad that's out of his body now!

Baloo felt much better after that - you could see that.

Both are fast asleep now.

I hope Bagheera poo-poos soon.


Bie Kucing said...

It's my first time seeing a poo THAT long!!! But to be able to get it out from body is such a great relief!! :D hehehe good job I always support u <3 -from Melbourne

Anonymous said...

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chankahyein said...

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