Sunday, September 11, 2011

Baloo and Bagheera are girls....!! And the wormy story

It was a totally mad day for me yesterday. I spent more than 2 hours settling the KTAJ 3 cats and 1 dog at the PJ vet, and after that I rushed back to Subang Jaya to take the blueys for their deworming.

 On weekends, our vet's little daughter helps out at the clinic.

 She's completely enchanted by the blueys.

 Dharshini (that's her name) tells me she wants to be a vet next time. 
Great choice!

 The blueys have put on weight, too!

Both were dewormed.'s news for all of us (especially me!) - there is a high likelihood that Baloo and Bagheera are GIRLS!!

Ha ha....I know, I'm completely hopeless at telling a kitten's gender.

So, do we need to change their names now?
(Please vote by leaving a comment on this post...and suggest names.)

 Dewormed and all ready to go home now.

The vet says Baloo's "cement-like" poo is nothing to worry about. 

After getting home, I quickly gave them one more feed, and then, had to rush off to conduct a public-speaking course at the temple. Yes, it was a MAD rush for me yesterday. 

Ming-Yi sent this mms while I was at the temple.

Poo, glorious poo...from both of them, and both had worms in them, too.


Way to go, Blueys!


Anonymous said...

No need to change their names. I think Baloo and Bagheera can used for females also :)

Anonymous said...

When I look at them, I keep thinking Cherry & Blossom :) they're both oh-so-adorable! There's an extensive list of names here (for litter-mates) as well:

Good luck Dr.Chan!

Anonymous said...

Lily and Lola!

aggy said...

I still like their names as Baloo and Bagheera! Keep the names please :)

"It can't rain all the time" said...


Anonymous said...


Jacq said...

Agreed :)

Su Ann said...

I feel like they should have girl fighter names! Like Joan of Arc or Elizabeth the First (okay I realize those are long names so Joan and Lizzie would do).

Or maybe they should be named after strong women who changed the world.. Like Marie Curie (Curie's a nice name!), Mother Theresa, Margaret Thatcher or Rosa Parks.