Sunday, September 25, 2011

Indy and the Blueys

Ever since Indy came back from the vet's, he seemed to have lost a bit of his confidence. He no longer sleeps on top of the car in the porch. Rather, he prefers to sleep under the neighbour's car. 

So, every morning and evening, I've had to go over to the neighbour's to call him back for food and medicine. Sometimes, he just wouldn't budge. Then it is Fussie Cat to the rescue....

 This morning's breakfast.
(Indy is missing from the gang)

That's Bunny's food, but he prefers to wait for Bobby and get his share of raw chicken. 

And who is the little one in the foreground?

Why, it's the brave and spunky little girl, Bagheera.

 That's Baloo.

I think their personality is really showing now. Bagheera is all spunk. Baloo is quieter and more shy. In a way, very well-behaved and has a touch of aristocratic blood, too!

 Bagheera sampling Uncle Bunny's food.

 Er...more than sampling, actually....

 Baloo won't raid other people's food.

She really has class.

She's an aristokitten!

I have to look for Indy now...

 Indy, there you are...

 Will you come out, please?

That's Pole behind me.

 Bunny wants to help.

 Cleo also.

 Indy refuses to budge.

Fussie Cat to the rescue....

 Indy decides to humour me and comes out.

 Good boy, Indy!

 Catch him gently...

Bring him back to homeground for food and medicine.

 Indy is the easiest cat to pill.

Tilt head, plop in pill, he swallows!

 Cleo wants the Fussie Cat, too.

 Later, Cleo...

 That's Tiger.

 Bunny is always on hand to polish up any food bowl.

 Good boy, Bunny.

 I decided the Blueys need some sun and a change of environment.

 They are cautious...

 Look at how lazy Cow is - instead of jumping, he just walks through the netting. Bunny does that too.

Nothing like a good Saturday...

But today has been a mighty long and very busy running-around day for me...

BTW, did you wear your Speak Up tshirt today?

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