Thursday, September 22, 2011

More meatloaf duck-hen poses and another fish pose!

From Mei Leng...

This is her rabbit, Coco:

 Hey, that's not a duck-hen, that's an apple....

Next picture, please...we need clear visual evidence for membership application...make no mistake about that!

 Ah yes, this is definitely a duck-hen.

 Yes, yes...welcome to the duck-hen subcommittee.

 As well as the Fish!

Wow, we're talking double membership here!

And, this is Perky!!
Perky does the duck-hen. 

Perky was adopted from us about two years ago. We rescued her from the pound on the day she was due to be euthanised. Look at Perky now! She's watching the rabbits from the inside of the house (the rabbits are in the balcony). Mei Leng she does this faithfully and religiously every single day...just sitting and watching!

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Connie said...

I didn't know doggie can pose like that. Cute.