Friday, September 16, 2011

The GREAT pooping experience!

So, the vet was right!!

I just needed to feed more kibbles for the Blueys to "push" the faeces out. And I have to give them more water. Milk alone is not enough. You need water.  

So I did just that last night. Within half an hour, Bagheera pooped. 

And this morning, it was Baloo's (long-awaited) turn.  

Here's the account....

Shortly after breakfast I heard a mild squealing sound from under my table. I looked and there was Baloo, in position to poop.

Then, it happened!

This beautiful length-of-the-intestine golden-coloured poop appeared....and I rejoiced.


AND, our little girl was so proud of herself, she went to tell Bagheera all about it after that....

 Hey Bagheera, I pooped!!

It felt real good, too.  You should try it as well! 

AND, she was so happy, she strutted around the room, dashing from here and there....

I can understand the feeling....pooping after FOUR days.  
Yes, I can absolutely understand how good it feels after that!

And today will be another day of more Bluey capers and adventures!

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rozitahalim said...

lighter tummy. easier to pounce ! :D