Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bluey stories

I have been running around so much I haven't had time to update on the Blueys.

In a nutshell, they are both fine and dandy.

 Both have been going after Uncle Bobby's food.

 Hmmm....that kibble looks and smells different from ours...

 They both just love Uncle Bobby.

 Bunny has made friends with them.

 They go after Uncle Bobby's food at every meal.

Who? Me?
Me is a good girl.

 Aww....look at that...

 This is Bagheera, not Baloo.  Bagheera is the adventurous and energetic one now. 

It has been so cold these few days because of the rain, so they get the hot water bottle. Between the hot water bottle and Uncle Bobby, I think they still prefer Uncle Bobby!

There is an adopter who is interested in adopting Baloo and Bagheera. She and her family simply adores cats and they now have a mother-cat and some newborn kittens. She is a fulltime homemaker and would have the time to look after Baloo and Bagheera.   


Connie said...

All the best blueys! Your uncles sure going to miss u guys when u move to your new home.
(Pssst...personnaly I'm going to miss u both too)

c said...

Pls dont give em away, it's going 2 b heartbreaking, can see slowly yr other cats are accepting them too. 8 are STILL NOT a crowd. Affinity - they belong 2 U

chankahyein said...

Hello c, if I could, I'd keep all the kittens whom I've fostered, but I don't live alone. My husband and son say 6 is enough. I have to consider the feelings of my family members too.
Kak Midah, who is going to take them, is a cat lover, a friend of a friend's, not a total stranger as such.
Also, my alphas (Cow & Bunny) will start chasing kittens when they reach the age of 5-6 months. That's when they become a threat to them. I've had one kitten run away from home previously and I have not seen him since. That was very heartbreaking too.

Joy E. Saga said...

Oh! I'm going to miss the Blueys ... I'm sure Bobby will too. Hope the new mommy and daddy can share their stories with you and keep us posted.

Have a good new loving home Baloo and Bagheera!